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Why Programming With Us?

As the two way radio communication technology advances, like it did in the past two decades, so does the complexity and the difficulty of radio programming.  MOTOTRBO™ Radios has on the one hand offered users unprecedented advanced communication features, while on the other hand also raise a big challenge for the need to program the radios and system in an efficient way, in order to take full benefit of digital communications. Have you been putting way too much time, effort, and finance investment to keep yourself updated with programming knowledge / techniques for the whole portfolio of different models, different types of radio equipment? Have you been having a hard time in figuring out what features you should program into your radios? Or getting overwhelmed by different radio features,...

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Special Promos

Please join us or sign in if you already have a TRBOPROS account, to see prices and available special offer discounts....

TRBOPROS Bundles With SafeDispatch Solutions

Choose TRBOPROS programming services, and you will get an additional discount for GPS location system offered by SafeMobile....

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Bulk Programming

Special Offers For Big Quantity of Master Codeplugs Special offers are given for big orders! When ordering over 10 codeplugs... see details

New Customer Special Deal

Join us now to receive extra discount for your first order, the New Customer Special Deal, as an official welcome from TRBOPROS.... see details

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Our Services

At TRBOPROS, we provide a wide range of services to our customers; no matter if you need codeplugs programmed with standard features, or you have a more complex system design request...

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Standard Programming

Request programming services? Simply by register online, after verifying your registration, fill in the programming technical requirements forms online, check out and complete online payment and we will do the rest! We...

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Complex System Planning & Consulting

For complex system design consulting services, please contact us at , send us your requirements, as detailed as possible, and one of our radio-communication technician will get in touch with you and help...

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