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1. What is the benefit of becoming a TRBOPROS premium member?

By registering as a premium member of TRBOPROS, you will receive the radio equipment & accessories’ promotion information from AIR Inc and get special promotions offer, demo packages offered by SafeMobile; in addition, you will also receive the special deals that we offer to TRBOPROS members, such as TRBOPROS new customer promotion etc.

2. Do you also provide TETRA Radio programming services?

At the moment, we are providing programming services only for MOTOTRBO ™ system, and providing programming services for TETRA Radios is in our schedule, and we will launch TETRA Radio programming services in Q4, 2012.

3. Do you also provide analog radio programming services?

Yes, TRBOPROS also provides programming services for analog radios.

4. Which countries are you providing programming services to?

We are providing programming services worldwide, regardless where you or your customers are located. TRBOPROS offers programming services for Asia, EMEA, and American MOTOTRBO ™ radios models.

5. I am an end user; can I request TRBOPROS’ programming services?

Yes, we do provide radio programming services to end users.

6. I am not an existing AIR dealer; can I still use TRBOPROS’ programming services?

Yes, we are happy to work with you and provide you the complete radio programming solutions.

7. I have an existing MOTOTRBO ™ system in place already, and I want to expand the system, can you provide programming services for the additional radios that I am planning to add into the fleet?

Yes, we provide programming services for both new MOTOTRBO ™ system and existing MOTOTRBO ™ system. In order to programming the existing system for you, we need to have the complete information of your existing system. An experienced TRBOPROS radio technician will be able to get in touch with you and get to know all the necessary details regarding your existing system, in order to ensure your system’s peak performance.

8. Can you also program the MOTOTRBO ™ radios for IP site connect and capacity plus features?

Yes, TRBOPROS can take care of your complete programming need regardless of the complexity of your MOTOTRBO ™ system. Whether it is a simple single side system, or complex multi sites system, TRBOPROS has the right solutions for you.

9. Can I request a refund if I am not satisfied with the codeplugs provided?

You can get back to us within 7 days from the date codeplugs are delivered, if you are not satisfied with the codeplugs received, we will analysis the issues, and if the error is caused by the mistakes from TRBOPROS technicians, then we will either redo the codeplugs, and deliver the codeplugs for you for FREE or issue a full amount refund; however if the error is caused by the unspecific information provided by customer, a refund cannot be issued.

10. Can I cancel the programming orders that I have already submitted?

Once the order is submitted, TRBOPROS technician will get in touch with you within 24 hours to clarify all the details. Cancellation can be done prior to the clarification. Simply by email, and cancel the order you have just submitted.

However, we apologize that once the programming specs are officially agreed upon between you and TRBOPROS team (after the clarification call), the cost is occurred, and therefore we will not able to accept cancellation, and we cannot refund the services charges.

11. Will I get additional discount if I have a bulk programming request?

By default, we offer 2% additional discount when you have more than 10 radios to be programmed. However, when you have a particularly big system to configure, we’d happy to discuss the possibility of offering additional discount, please contact for more details.

12. When I choose to provide programming specs via the general form rather than answering the step by step detailed questions, what kind of information should I provide?

In general, please provide as much details as possible, number of radios, talk groups, how many channels you would like to use etc. however, in case of not being able to provide much details, our radio technician will get in touch with you and help you to clarify the specs, and complete all the necessary details needed to process your request.

13. What if there is certain specifications that I do not understand/ or I do not have information for?

In this case, please complete as much as you can, our radio technician will get in touch with you and help you to complete all the necessary information needed.

14. Can I make modifications regarding the programming specifications after I submitted forms?

Feel free to submit any additional details or modifications prior to the clarification call with our radio technician, however, once the specs are agreed upon, our radio technician will program exactly as you have requested, therefore, modifications cannot be submitted after the clarification call. If the modifications have to be included after the clarification call, a % of additional service charges may apply.

We therefore suggest you to think through all the programming details prior to submitting the request, and try to include as much information as you can in the first place, in order to avoid the unnecessary additional charges.

15. I have a request for radio spare parts/ radio equipment/ or radio accessories, can I get a quote from TRBOPROS?

TRBOPROS is a daughter company of American International Radio, Inc, the largest Motorola distributor worldwide. We are supplying all kinds of radio equipment & radio accessories, please feel free to get in touch with TRBOPROS for your additional hardware requests, and we will forward your request to our AIR sales team, and they will get back to you with a quote within 24 hours.

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