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Why Programming With Us?

As the two way radio communication technology advances, like it did in the past two decades, so does the complexity and the difficulty of radio programming.  MOTOTRBO™ Radios has on the one hand offered users unprecedented advanced communication features, while on the other hand also raise a big challenge for the need to program the radios and system in an efficient way, in order to take full benefit of digital communications.

Have you been putting way too much time, effort, and finance investment to keep yourself updated with programming knowledge / techniques for the whole portfolio of different models, different types of radio equipment? Have you been having a hard time in figuring out what features you should program into your radios? Or getting overwhelmed by different radio features, frequency ranges, channels and different version of radio programming software? Or you simply just want to focus on having more sales done, and minimize the time and effort you spent on programming radios? 

TRBOPROS can help you to take care of the overwhelming and complex radio programming tasks.

  • TRBOPROS technicians have over 25 years of professional radio programming experience with different radios types/models. Over the past 25 years, the TRBOPROS team has successfully programmed over 500,000 radios.
  • Expertise on System Performance Optimization, programming to ensure Optimization both on Radio level and System Level.
  • Centralized database to archive complete information on programmed radios, ensure fast and efficient programming when system has future upgrading, adding new radios into system.
  • Flexible services to provide either generic codeplug or deliver the complete codeplug for each radios used in the system as per requested.
  • Capability to re-program or further optimize existing system when system upgrades or new radios being added into the system.  
  • Fast response to your request, TRBOPROS radio technician will get in touch with you to clarify the details within 24 hours.
  • Affordable and reasonable services fees, discount on bulk requests.
  • Response to your customized programming needs - Tailored solutions to your specific communications requirements.
  • As a TRBOPROS premier user, you will have the access to latest radio business news, promotions, events, and conferences, as well as the possibilities to receive a FREE demo/ discount on radio application purchase. 

TRBOPROS Bundles With SafeDispatch Solutions

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Bulk Programming

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